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"The tow truck driver came and paid me for my vehicle and towed it away. Fast transaction. Was pretty easy to do."


Amanda P

"Thanks for picking up my old car. Sad to see her go but it was time for somethig new"


Dan J

"My landlord wanted to me remove the vehicle as it has been on the parking lot unplated since covid started. I couldn't afford to fix it so scrapping was the only alternative. I got $500 for my Toyota and these guys towed it away"

Scrap Car Removal Toronto

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What Happens at the Scrap Yard

Ever wondered what happens at the Scrap Yards? Once all necessary parts have been removed from vehicles, or if the scrap car doesn't qualify for parts resale, this is what will happen. Your old car will have all fluids and gasses drained at the first stage. The second stage involves dismembering the junker into parts and components based on their type and value. Aluminum gets separated from steel. Wiring is extracteted and engines are pulled and all the above components are binned and sent off for processing.


Looking for a quote on a junk car, van, truck, ATV, or SUV? We can help. At Toronto Scrap Car Removal, we can provide you with a fair end-of-life quote for your used vehicle. The quote will be based on the current condition of the car. Cosmetic damages or other damages may reduce the amount of your quote.
We provide fair end-of-life quotes for your junk car, truck, or sports utility vehicle. All towing costs for delivering your vehicle to our site for inspection are free. Once you receive your customized quote, you have the option to receive the quoted amount in cash on-the-spot at our inspection facility.

How much is a Scrap Car Worth in Toronto?

The first question many people have when selling their junk, car, truck or sports utility vehicle in Toronto is "how much is my car worth"? Several factors affect the value of your car; upon inspection, an experienced professional will provide you with a fair and honest quote based on the condition of your vehicle. Age, mileage, cosmetic damage and other factors may affect your quote.

• Make
• Model
• Year
• Vehicle Description

Contact one of our scrap car experts to learn more about how to get rid of your scrap car in the Toronto area. Our experts are trained to answer your questions and smoothly guide you through the end-of-life and scrap car selling process.

• Reasons to Sell your car
• Damaged beyond repair
• Unsafe to drive
• No longer drive

How To Get Rid of An Old Junk Car in Toronto, ON

Not sure what to do with your old car, truck, or SUV? Many people aren't sure what steps to take when their vehicle reaches the end of its life. Cars, trucks, and SUVs that are inoperable, dangerous to drive or those that have been replaced by newer vehicles may just be taking up space in your driveway or storage. Storing a car or truck that is not in use can become expensive over time. An alternative to holding on to a lifeless vehicle is to sell the car to a scrap yard or scrap car specialist.
Toronto Scrap Car Removal offers a free junking service for scrap cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles. Getting started with the process is easy. Simply contact a Toronto Scrap Car Removal representative. Our representative will arrange a time and date to pick up your car for inspection. Upon inspection, one of our scrapyard specialists will contact you with an offer for your vehicle.
After you accept your quote, you'll receive payment for the amount given in your quote. It's that easy!
Towing is included, so you don't have to worry about how to get your vehicle safely to our secure location. We pick up your junk vehicle free of charge and transport it to our secure scrapyard for salvage and/or recycling.

About Scrap Car Removal Toronto

Toronto Scrap Car Removal is one of the largest buyers of old cars, junk cars, wrecked cars, and similar vehicles in the Ontario area. We make it easy for you to reclaim your garage, driveway, or yard by removing unsightly junk cars that are taking away from the beauty of your property. Our scrap car specialists are available to help with your junk car needs seven days a week. Cash for Canada Cars specialists make it easy to arrange a time to pick-up your junk car and transport it to our location free of charge.
• Hail Damage
• Water Damage
• Flood Damage
• Fire Damage
• Broken Down
• Been in an Accident
Using free auto salvage services like those offered by Toronto Scrap Car Removal is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get cash for your old junk car, truck, SUV, or another scrap vehicle. Professional junk buyers and salvage specialists are available seven days a week to walk you through the scrap car buying and selling process step-by-step. You never have to worry or feel alone during the process.

What happens to junk or scrapped cars in Toronto?

Once we pick up your junk car for salvage or recycling, we transport your salvage vehicle to one of our professional scrap yards for salvage or recycling. Our salvage and recycling experts will assess and grade the vehicle to determine whether to salvage or recycle the vehicle and a fair offer for cash pricing.
Salvage parts are those that are still able to be used as functional parts on another car, truck, or sports utility vehicle. Recycling scrapped vehicles happen when the vehicle is processed, crushed, and repurposed for other use. Pars that can be used on other vehicles, cars, trucks, and SUVs include the following.

• Aluminum wheels
• Engine parts
• Suspension parts
• Steel

It only takes a few minutes to call and get a quote for your vehicle, car, truck, or SUV. We make it easy for you to get the most money for your non-running car by offering free towing and pickup for salvage. Our offices are open seven days a week to accept appointments and answer questions about how to salvage your non-running, old, or junk car, truck, or sports utility vehicle.

We pay Cash For:
• Scrap Cars
• Scrap Trucks
• Scrap Sports Utility Vehicles
• Scrap Vans
• Scrap Bulldozers
• Scrap ATVs
• Scrap Recyclable Ferrous Materials
• Scrap Recyclable Non-Ferrous Materials

Scrap Your Junk Car, Truck, Van, or ATV in Toronto and get free towing


Scrapping your junk car or salvage vehicle in the Toronto area is now easier than ever. We've been in business since 1984 offering over thirty years of professional auto salvage and recycling services. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality service and offering free towing as a thank you to our customers. The other guys may want to charge you for towing your non-running truck, car, SUV, or ATV, at Toronto Scrap Car Removal - we provide this service for free.
Contact one of our salvage specialists at Toronto Scrap Car Removal to get started today!
To sell your used car, truck, van, ATV, or similar vehicle, follow the process below.
Be prepared to provide our telephone specialists with the make, model, and year of the vehicle you want to salvage or recycle. Talking to one of our phone specialists is easy. Get started by calling our toll-free hotline to answer a few quick questions about your vehicle's condition, so that Toronto Scrap Car Removal can provide you with the best-estimated cash offer.
The next step is to schedule a time for one of our salvage professionals to arrange for free transportation of your salvage, car, truck, ATV, or similar vehicle at its current disabled location. Many of our customers started out thinking that their vehicle may be too damaged or too old. This is not the case. We accept all vehicle types of all ages and all conditions and provide a fair cash estimate.
After your free towing has been booked, one of our salvage and recycling experts will assess your car's condition and offer you a fair cash estimate for the purchase of your vehicle. The cash price quoted for the purchase of your car is the price that you'll receive unless the car is in a different condition than described or other conditions of the car, truck, or sports utility vehicle have changed since you received your original quote.

How much is a scrap car in Toronto?

Almost every car has some value. Whether the vehicle is running or is in the worst condition with mold or rust. Experts can see the intrinsic value of your non-running junk car and offer you a fair cash price for the useful parts that remain. Small cars in rusted-out conditions with light-weight frames regularly are sold to professional salvage and recycling professionals for a minimum of $100 or more. Catalytic converters found in non-running vehicles are often found to be worth a few hundred dollars on their own. Other vehicle parts and accessories that may have hidden value include exterior body panels, interior body panels, interior components, knobs, sets, dashboard clusters, radios, satellite equipment, and more.
Savvy customers have learned to turn their trash into treasure by getting paid cash for their old junk cars and salvage vehicles.

Free Same Day Towing for Junk Vehicles in Toronto

Toronto Scrap Car Removal has been offering professional automotive salvage and recycling services in the Toronto area since 196. We're salvage, auto wrecking, auto recycling experts. At Toronto Scrap Car Removal, we take the guesswork out of getting paid for broken-down cars, trucks, and vans. Our professional services include salvaging and recycling usable parts and accessories into new vehicles, replacement parts and more.
We can remove those unsightly broken-down cars, trucks, or vans from your yard for free (within a few hours) by offering same-day and next-day service. Our offices are open for appointments seven days a week.
Have an unwanted vehicle in your front yard or driveway that is dented, damaged, wrecked, has hail damage, fire damage or other damage? Contact Toronto Scrap Car Removal to get an instant cash quote and request free towing over the phone.

What Parts Can Be Recycled On Your Car, Truck, or SUV?

Did you know that up to 99% of used car batteries can be recycled? We partner with local automotive salvage professionals and local scrap yards to provide the best salvage and recycling service in the Toronto area.
Metal, aluminum, and rubber are all examples of parts and materials that may be eligible for salvage or recycling. An estimated 25 million tons of recycled materials are gathered from salvage and junkyards in the area.

According to auto salvage and recycling experts, enough steel is recycled annually to produce at least thirteen million vehicles in the United States and Canada. Nearly 12 million vehicles, cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles are recycled annually in the United States alone. This large number of recycled and salvage vehicles made salvaged and recycled automobiles the nation's most recycled consumer product.
Recycling aluminum, other metals and ferrous metals accounts for drastic savings in recycling measures annually. Another benefit of recycling and using recycled automotive parts is that used parts can cost consumers between twenty to eighty percent less than purchasing new, full-price auto parts when processed for resale. Recycled auto parts offer benefits for consumers, salvage experts, and the community at large with a reduction in scrap, metal, and junk cars, vans, trucks, and sports utility vehicles can cause in an organization.
Recycled automotive parts have more uses than just replacing missing parts in vehicles still in operation. It may surprise you to learn that some materials gleaned from the automotive salvage and recycling process can provide new life for outdoor exercise facilities like tracks, playgrounds, shoes, furniture, clothes, and more! Who knew that selling the old junk car that's been sitting in your front yard could have so many benefits?

Why Recycling Your Junk Car is Good for the Toronto economy?

The automotive salvage and recycling industry is keeping up with the pace of change. As a result, new and greener inventions for cleaner recycling are popping up each year. Toronto Scrap Car Removal uses the latest green technologies to keep recycling and salvage old junk cars, trucks, vans, ATVs, and sports utility vehicles as safe and as energy efficient as possible.
Fluids and materials found to be hazardous to the environment or otherwise ineligible for recycling or salvage will be properly disposed of in environmentally friendly ways that are in accordance with the law.
Recycling is not only good for boosting the economy, it's also good for the environment. Using recycled parts reduces the demand for newly manufactured parts that can cause additional harm to the environment while being created in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and plants. Taking advantage of local recycling services that offer cash for recyclable cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and similar vehicles takes some of the burdens of the environment when Recyclable materials and toxic waste are re-used instead of ending up in landfills.

Tired of that non-running car, truck, van, ATV, or sports utility vehicle taking away from the beauty of your front yard or driveway? If you live in the City of Toronto, we can help! Contact Cash for Cars Toronto and have one of our salvage specialists move that junk car for free. We pay cash for junk cars. Call us to find out how you can get cash for your car today.

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