• Take our all personal items and remove any waste from the car

    People often forget personal items in the vehicle. Be sure to check the glove box, arm rest and under the seat and remove all personal items and garbage. Don't forget your garage door opener and 407 transponder.

  • Get your vehicle portion of the ownership ready

    If you look at the face of the Ontario Vehicle Ownership, you will see that one side is called the Vehicle Portion and the other - Plate Portion. What you need to prepare is the vehicle portion of the ownership to submit to a scrap tow truck driver. On the back of the ownership there is a section called Vehicle Transfer Application - you need to sign and date that section. In the Buyer Information section, you need to write SCRAP

  • Remove and Return License Plates to Service Ontario

    The license plate of the vehicle must be returned to Service Ontario after you have scrapped the car. You must remove the license plate before the car is towed away or you can ask the tow truck driver to assist with license plate removal. Alternatively, if you are buying a new vehicle, you may transfer the license plates to a new vehicle, but you must be sure to keep the Plate Portion of the ownership

  • Call Toronto Scrap Car Removal for a Quote

    Once you have completed the above steps, give Toronto Scrap Car Removal a call to get a quote for your scrap car removal.